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As a composer and a performer, I strive to be the best musician that I can be. I push my boundaries to achieve new levels of musicality. This is the same reason that I love to teach! I enjoy seeing the faces of my students when they push through their boundaries and realize that they are capable of amazing things!

I travel throughout the world with my two furry kids writing music, teaching and performing. In my downtime I love to hike, sail and rock climb while seeing the amazing places this world has to offer! I also love to eat healthy food and create amazing sustainable earth-friendly structures.

At two years old, I discovered the piano and began to play. This was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with everything ‘music.’ My passion for the piano set in motion an insatiable thirst to know and understand its nature, how it impacts the world and how music crosses all language barriers into a world of universal communication.

I learned the cello, bass, guitar, drums, violin, and my own voice as a musical instrument. I studied fervently, the history of music, theory, and the methods to use to achieve musical goals, both technically and creatively.

I learned many genres and techniques dating back through the Renaissance and the Baroque era, all the way up to modern music. This deep delve has made me who I am today: a nationally recognized composer for film and television, an instrumentalist, a songwriter, an audio engineer, a constant evolving student of the endless realms of musical journeying, and a skilled and dedicated teacher for anyone who dreams of learning music.

“Dorian Britton is a modern universalist, composer, instrumentalist, songwriter and audio engineer. The enchantment of a life driven by artistic passion began early for Dorian, developing perfect pitch at 2 years old. As he explored the piquant flavors of the piano, matching his voice to each key, a love affair emerged. At first he was overcome with the breadth and depth of the elemental metamorphose throughout history, seeping into technique, theory and instrumental mastery. He poured over method and sipped from the many cups of piano, percussion, string and vocal performance. His classical education in Orchestral and Band performance reaches from the mythical lyricism of the Renaissance eras through modern screen composition, jazz and performance music.

His heart beats to the rhythm of the stars fueling his own alchemical transformation as a truly unique and masterful musician. The ebb and flow of Dorian’s work mimics that of the natural world; it is diverse, captivating and eclectic. He gives rise to the deep harmonics and expression which calls to soul level kinetics. His composition has been featured and performed nationally and is perfectly suited for the needs of film makers and performance groups alike. The crisp edges of contemporary wisdom matched with modern sound engineering make for a galvanic musical experience.”

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