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Sonic Alchemy U offers a unique musical education system. Choose from three levels of service based on your needs and budget. Each package uses my creative training methods with increased personalization at each level. No matter where you are at we understand that every student learns and integrates in their own unique way and we strive to customize all our lesson packages to fit your personal needs so that you become fluent in the language of music that wants to flow through you.

With our online piano lessons & online music lessons our goal is to inspire discovery, spark your creative expression and keep it alive and thriving.

We instill a love of learning and a deep connection to the wellspring of passion and potential already inside of you as well as the confidence to pursue it.

Packages to propel you into the musician you KNOW you can be!

How can our online piano lessons & online music lessons help ignite the passion inside you?

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Dorian Britton

Dorian Britton

At two years old, I discovered the piano and began to play. This was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with everything ‘music.’ My passion for the piano set in motion an insatiable thirst to know and understand its nature, how it impacts the world and how music crosses all language barriers into a world of universal communication.

I learned the cello, bass, guitar, drums, violin, and my own voice as a musical instrument. I studied fervently, the history of music, theory, and the methods to use to achieve musical goals, both technically and creatively.

I learned many genres and techniques dating back through the Renaissance and the Baroque era, all the way up to modern music. This deep delve has made me who I am today: a nationally recognized composer for film and television, an instrumentalist, a songwriter, an audio engineer, a constant evolving student of the endless realms of musical journeying, and a skilled and dedicated teacher for anyone who dreams of learning music.

What Others are Saying About Us

Dorian is an excellent musician (which is great because my kids get to see what is possible), but what I appreciate most is the authentic way he relates to each of them. My kids are at 2 distinct levels in their learning, yet Dorian is able to reach each one of them in a way that gets the most out of them. I often overhear the lessons, and it’s fun to see how he challenges them (without them realizing it), and at the same time inspires them. It’s obvious he loves what he does – He’s a great influence both as a piano instructor and as a person.

Tyler C.

Our two boys, now 8 and 10 years old, have been taking lessons with Dorian now for about 3 years. First, we did face to face lessons in a studio, now we do online lessons and are quite pleased with their progress. They are learning to think and act like musicians.

Anyone can teach a kid to play a song. Dorian, however, goes much further in his approach to teaching. The kids develop the mindset of a musician. He teaches them to respect their instruments and take care of them. He also pushes the kids to grow and try more complex tasks. When he has them put all these tasks together, where they once were just playing notes, now they are playing music. Their eyes light up when they see how it all comes together, and they want to work to improve even more.

Another area we’ve been impressed with is his ability to senses when our kids’ moods are not conducive to learning, and he works with that to bring fun and levity back into the lessons. He impresses upon them, and us as parents, that the learning experience should be enjoyable.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard about his Rock Band Camp, check it out! Our kids went this past summer and it truly upped their game and opened their eyes to what it is like to be part of a band. We hope to do it again if offered.

Overall, Dorian and 1452 Foundry offer a unique learning environment for future musicians. We have been very pleased with our kids’ progress over the last couple of years.

Karl G.

Dorian is an exceptional musician and teacher. He has the personality and skills to keep kids focused and excited about learning. Our 8 year old daughter is one of Dorian’s students. We are very pleased with our daughter’s progress and I love hearing the high level of fun she and Dorian have, during guitar lessons. Dorian’s professional style is very approachable and I would recommend him for kids or adults.

Tracy K.

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