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Are You Wanting Your Child To Improve Musically?

If you have a child that shows a desire to play music, foster that desire with our online piano lessons. Guiding that music to come out may very well be the best thing you’ve ever done for them. Studying music is proven to enhance a child’s academic abilities, cultivate social skills, discipline, and patience, boost self-esteem, and opens a window for them into other cultures.

You have come to the right place!
With Sonic Alchemy U’s online music lessons, you or your child can undoubtedly reach your musical goals! By studying with us, you will get a professional, seasoned musician who understands the drive and passion to learn music. No matter what your style is: rock, pop, jazz, classical, folk, instrumental, or jam bands.


Find out how a private music teacher can help your child learn faster and play better without the frustration of learning on your own.

Students want and need a unique, fresh approach to learning music. It is my passion to deliver this to you! With my online piano lessons & online music lessons, I have discovered that students learn faster, engage deeper, and are inspired to continue exploring their capabilities.

As musicians, we practice technique to get our fingers to go where we want them to go. We study theory to understand where they can go and why. My method guarantees an eclectic musical education that allows the student to confidently play freely and give room for when that visionary flare lights up inside them!

Whether you’re looking to study yourself or looking for your child, I balance what a student wants to learn with the necessary tools to succeed as a diverse and masterful musician.

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Students that take lessons learn faster and play better.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
You Can Be Our Next Success Story!

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